Top 5 Best Online Digital Skills Courses

The digital transformation of the workplace is happening fast in 2022. It’s no longer an option to stay behind; you have to participate in it. As we have seen clearly in the past precarious year, the global switch from working in offices to home has become the new norm. People need to consider now how to find the best digital skills courses.

Ultimately, this shift has changed the way many organizations operate, and it will continue to do so in a pandemic-free world. Although digital skills have become increasingly important in the globalized economy, the ongoing crisis has made it more critical than ever for employees to understand digital tools and provide online digital skills courses to their employees. Digital employees are in demand all across Asia and the rest of the world.

The need to upskill the worldwide workforce has been in the spotlight for some time and Covid-19 aims to help address this need. So, we’ve pulled together our highest-rated online digital skills courses of 2022 to help you get the skills you need to succeed today while preparing for the future workplace. A look at the five most popular skills you can learn from the best online digital skills courses shows a variety of topics, including computer training and digital marketing.

Read on to find the best online digital skills courses for you and your business.

1. Prepare for digitalization by setting up a web presence

Finding a domain and web hosting are among the digital skills taught.

How to set up a website using the popular CMS WordPress.

How to publish web content as pages, blog posts, and also how to use SEO for optimization.

What is the best way to market a website on the internet? (basics).

2. Learn the digital SEO strategies and tools that can help you rank a website

Keyword Research Techniques for Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the Page

Strategies for internal connecting

Backlinks with a lot of authority

Search engine optimization of content

SEO for mobile devices

3. Create SEO-friendly, relevant and readable content for our website.

Keywords, target audience, and themes using modern technologies to conduct research online

Using analytics tools to conduct SEO study for online content and blog authoring

Introduction to various SEO tools for data/research analysis

Image and graphics-based digital content development and publication

4. Master social media marketing for more brand exposure online.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

Introduction to Facebook Pixel Remarketing

Setting up a Facebook Ad Account Using the Facebook Pixel on a Website

Make a pixel and connect it to an ad account.

Create a target audience and create lead generation ads.

5. For targeted advertising, use Google Ads and PPC Ads

Set up a Google Ad Account

The creation of Google Ads Extensions

Types of keywords for ad campaigns, targeting, and scheduling

Creating Google Ads

Creating YouTube Ads

These fundamental online digital skills courses should familiarize any participant with the digital world of virtual properties and how to maintain and promote them effectively. As a result, they should be included in any digitalization training.

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