The Best Job Platforms for International Students

You've already taken the first steps: went abroad, got a degree, but now you want to add 'awesome job' in your portfolio? Many students worldwide feel the same as you do, but finding a job can be very daunting. Find out about the best job platforms for international students here!

Nowadays, international students are trying to find their desired jobs while in their home countries. They are trying to improve their local languages and stay in touch with professionals who have experienced lots of work in different fields. This is why many job platforms appear, but the question is: which one you will prefer. There are no best ones out there. Everyone can take advantage of these platforms by visiting them, connecting and networking with other professionals.

One of the largest problems for international students is a lack of opportunities to connect with a professional network and gain practical experience. Job search might be a challenging venture. But these best job platforms for international students can help you find the best jobs for you, no matter where you are located.

Finding a good job after you graduate is one of the essential things in life. So, where do you start? Today, we will find out some of the best platforms designed specifically for international students looking for jobs.

Data Careers Asia

Data Careers Asia is the best job platform for international students entering the Data Analytics and Big Data market. Data Careers Asia dedicates to helping Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts connect with the best companies to work in Asia. Data Careers Asia is a place to find real jobs for Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Analyst talents. These jobs are opportunities to get into the world's fastest-growing economy. With the right approach and a little elbow grease, you can have an enjoyable and successful job experience in Asia.


JOB+ is the best job platform for international students and graduates. JOB+ connects international students, fresh graduates, and experienced alumni with over 350,000+ recruiters worldwide. They are redefining how the world exchanges skills, talent and culture through a trusted network that embraces diversity and fosters social mobility. JOB+ connect and match candidates with employers based on their education, work experience, career path and passion. Let JOB+ show you how they can help: Create an account, upload your resume, and that's it! Let JOB+ work hard on your behalf to find a suitable job in whichever country you want to work in.


International students, international graduates and international alumni can connect to top employers worldwide at Cturtle, an online job board that has made over 250,000 connections since it began in 2016. Cturtle can help you find a job in your home country after graduating from college, or even sooner if that's what you need. Cturtle is an excellent resource for international job seekers, and it is a free, global website for international students looking for jobs and careers.

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UK Alumni Job Network (UKAJN)

The UK Alumni Job Network is an exclusive job and professional network for international students, graduates and alumni who have studied at UK universities. The UK Alumni Job Network allows you to showcase your experiences, skills and qualifications in a profile that can then be searched by potential employers, recruiters or business partners. It's the only network of its kind connecting alumni from all of the top universities in the United Kingdom. Do you want to join this community? It's free! Register here.